You should be contacting these lawmakers right now.  Your message can be short and simple. Tell them to support a Tax Credit and competitive funding for Snowbate.  The key for all of us is volume.  The Governor will not answer every phone call, but his staff will keep a log of the amount of phone calls he gets about Snowbate.  We need a lot of calls, emails and tweets now.

When using social media to contact legislators please use #snowbate

Governor Tim Walz
Email Form
Twitter - @GovTimWalz

Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan
Email Form
Twitter - @LtGovFlanagan

Senate Taxes Chair
Sen. Roger Chamberlain (R)
Email Form
Twitter - @rcchamberlain1

House Taxes Chair
Rep. Paul Marquart (D)
Twitter - @reppaulmarquart

Senate Jobs Chair
Sen. Eric Pratt (R)
Twitter -  @EricPrattMN

House Jobs Chair
Rep. Tim Mahoney (D)
Twitter - @TimMahoney67A

For those of you feeling ambitious, you can also contact all members of the following committees

Senate Taxes Committee

House Taxes Committee

Senate Jobs Committee

House Jobs Committee

Lastly, It is always a good idea to contact your own legislators.  Tell them you are a constituent and that you want them to support competitive funding for Snowbate!

Please follow this link to find out how to Contact your MN Legislators.