Film Commissioner Testifies at Capitol / Snowbate draws interest at All Crew Party

The MN Film Incentive rebate program called "Snowbate" was one of the talking points at the 2018 All Crew Party. IATSE 490 debuted a new promo video to help illustrate the efforts of  people in MN who are advocating for the program.

The 'Snowbate' table at the event also acquired many sign-ups from attendees for more information and to volunteer. The party goers were so interested in the subject, they left the event with many of the complimentary t-shirts, stickers and totebags.

The MN Film & TV Board released a story this week on how the film commissioner, Melodie Bahan, testified to the State Tax committee recently advocating for a new tax credit bill for the industry.

                        MN Film commissioner, Melodie Bahan speaks at the Capitol.

                        MN Film commissioner, Melodie Bahan speaks at the Capitol.

From the Film Board,

"No, it's not "money for Hollywood." It's a tax credit for film, television, and other productions made in Minnesota.

Last week, Minnesota Film & Television Executive Director Melodie Bahan (above) testified in front of the House Tax Committee in favor of HF2508, co-sponsored by Rep. Kelly Fenton (R-District 53B), Rep. Greg Davids (R-District 28B), and Rep. Cheryl Youakim (DFL-District 46B).

“The spending that qualifies for the incentive program is only Minnesota spending,” Bahan said. “That’s Minnesota residents, Minnesota vendors, Minnesota businesses.”

The bill would provide a refundable tax credit equal to 25 percent of production costs. The companion bill in the Senate, SF2179, co-sponsored by Sen. Karin Housley (R-District 39), Sen. Carrie Ruud (R-District 10), and Sen. Richard Cohen (DFL-District 64) awaits action by the Senate Tax Committee.

"We need to create a competitive, stable program that allows companies like Disney and Netflix to invest their production dollars here,” said Bahan. "

IATSE 490 supports the efforts of the MN FILM BOARD. We support bringing our state up to the 21st century with modern tax credits, not unlike the other leading states in the Film Industry. For more info on the Film Board story click here.

Stay tuned to this website for more information.