SNOWBATE Update - 5/16/17

As expected, Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed the Jobs omnibus bill that was passed by MN's GOP legislature.  That bill contained a drastic cut in Snowbate funding.  $500k/year.  The next steps in the legislative process will be for Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP leaders to negotiate acceptable 'targets' for overall spending totals in vetoed omnibus bills.  Snowbate is a small part of the overall Jobs omnibus bill.  When Gov Dayton and GOP lawmakers agree on an acceptable spending target, some of the funding for bills in the Jobs omnibus bill will be increased to raise the overall total.  We have to make enough noise at the Capitol so that Snowbate is one of those bills increased.

Please keep calling and emailing Gov. Mark Dayton, Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, Rep. Pat Garofalo and Sen. Jeremy Miller.

If you have extra time, contact the Jobs Conference Committee Members.
Pat Garofalo 651-296-1069
Jim Newberger 651-296-2451
Joe Hoppe 651-296-5066
Marion O'Neill 651-296-5063
Tim Mahoney 651-296-4277 
Jeremy Miller 651-296-5649 
Bruce Anderson 651-296-5981
Bobby Joe Champion 651-296-9246

Funding for Snowbate is administered by the MN Dept of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). Please also contact DEED Commissioner Shawntera Hardy. 651-259-7119