4/4/17 - Snowbate needs your help NOW at the Capitol

Snowbate funding is at risk of being drastically reduced at the Capitol.  The House Jobs Committee has included $750k/year in their Jobs omnibus bill to fund Snowbate.  The Senate is worse.  $500k/year for Snowbate.  The math on that for a 25% rebate would mean that Snowbate could only generate $2 million in economic spending in our state.  

To put this in perspective...

Movies like Wilson... Gone.
Shows like In An Instant... Gone.
Hopes at TV Shows like Mogadishu, MN... Stop Dreaming.
MN Small Businesses expanding to meet the demands of Snowbate... Thats a laugh.

It is important to remember that this is not over yet.  Sadly, this is all part of the process of negotiations between a GOP Legislature and a DFL Governor.  These draconian cuts in funding are not unique to Snowbate this year. The GOP House and Senate are putting together omnibus bills in many categories that the Governor will veto.  After the veto, they will get together to find a compromise.

We have to make sure that Snowbate is included in that compromise.  Our original bill asked for $13 million in funding.  Without that funding MN will not be competitive in the Film and TV industry.

Please visit our Legislator Contact page right now to find out who you should be contacting.  We need calls, emails and tweets.  Please contact legislators often.  Their offices will keep logs of how many calls and emails they get for Snowbate.  Keep your messages short and sweet.  Tell them to support competitive funding for Snowbate.  Please hide your disgust and be kind.

If you do use social media to contact Legislators, please use #snowbate in the message