Snowbate Update - 4/30/17

Time to make a final push for Snowbate.  The House and Senate have voted to severely cut back Snowbate Funding.  The bills in each chamber are slightly different in their numbers. ($750k/year House, $500k/year Senate).  Funding for Snowbate (or lack there of) is included in the Jobs Omnibus Bill.  The House and Senate most often pass omnibus bills that do not match.  When that happens, the House and Senate meet to iron out their differences in Conference Committees before sending the bills to the Governor.

The Governor (we hope) will not sign bills that are not funded at levels that he approves. The Governor will provide 'targets' for the conference committee to meet.  Once the Governor and the conference committee members agree on the 'targets' the levels of the bills in the Jobs Bill will be adjusted to meet that target.  That is when Snowbate funding will need to be increased. 

It is time to let our MN legislature know that Snowbate is an important program that CANNOT have its funding cut.  Please contact the following legislators often.  The 'funding' that is proposed will completely destroy the progress we have made in the last 4 years.  It will eliminate jobs.  It will cause contraction in small business and economic spending. Tell them to fund Snowbate at competitive levels.

Governor Mark Dayton
Governor Mark Dayton
Twitter - @GovMarkDayton

Lt. Governor Tina Smith
Twitter - @tinaflintsmith

House Jobs Committee Chair
Rep. Pat Garofalo (R)
Twitter - @patgarofalo

Senate Jobs Committee Chair
Jeremy Miller (R)
(651) 296-5649
Twitter - @jeremyrmiller