Snowbate funding is at risk of being severely cut back at the Minnesota State Capitol.  Please help us keep this program alive in Minnesota.

Snowbate is a Film and TV Production incentive in Minnesota.  It is a program that offers a 25% cash rebate for Minnesota expenses made during the production and post-production of Film and TV.

Snowbate has been modestly successful while being modestly funded.  It is time to remove the modesty.  

Fund Snowbate is a grassroots movement created to convince our Minnesota Legislature that we need to increase funding for Snowbate so that Minnesota can finally compete with other states to lure Film Jobs and Economic Spending.

Please join us.  Add your name to the email list.  Sign the petition.  Contact your Legislator. 

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Check out our Video Testimonial's from MN Small Businesses that support Snowbate.  Please share these videos with legislators on social media.



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